Stable connection, strong sealing, reasonable size

- May 16, 2018-

There are also different ways of connecting the pipes and fittings in the hydraulic system. The connection end of the pipe is the connection thread. Taper thread is mainly used in medium and low pressure hydraulic systems because of its own vertebral body tightening and using PTFE and other substances for sealing operation. Fine tooth thread sealing is very good, often used in high pressure systems, but it requires the use of a combination washer or o-ring to work against the closure of the end face, and copper washers are sometimes used, which are more suitable for comparison in the connecting pipe wall Thick pipes, the main components of the joint body, joints and nuts. In use, the joint body is embedded in the target, and the end face is sealed in conjunction with the aforementioned washer. The joint between the joint body and the joint pipe is sealed with rubber, and the spherical seal is sometimes used.

Since the pipe joint belongs to a removable connecting element, it must meet the requirement of convenient disassembly and assembly in addition to the requirements of normal connection stability, strong sealing, reasonable size, small pressure loss, good process performance, and the like. . Therefore, don't underestimate the small fittings, because only its existence can support the existence of the entire hydraulic system.