Use more technical precision

- May 16, 2018-

Welds with large diameter flanges are subjected to 100% ultrasound or radiation inspection. The surface of large diameter flanges must not have cracks or other defects that reduce flange connection or strength. Long-diameter large flanges, where the working pressure is equal to or greater than the maximum permissible working pressure specified in the 0.8-fold standard, welds of large-diameter flanges and round-tube butt welds shall be 100% X-ray filmed. test.

Reduce the wear of large diameter flanges:

1. First, reasonable mechanical design structures can help reduce pressure and wear between flange surfaces;

2. In addition, the flange material and heat treatment process also affect the overall quality of the flange;

3. In addition, if the flange works in a dusty or polluted environment, it is necessary to add necessary dustproof devices and sealing devices;

4. Of course, the general method of reducing mechanical wear, the use of lubricants is also essential, for the flange, the use of fluid static lubrication and fluid dynamic pressure lubrication to deal with;

5. It is also possible to use a magnetic levitation support with higher technical precision to solve this problem.

When the large-diameter flange is completed, the last step is to apply anti-rust oil on the flange surface. This is an indispensable procedure. The purpose is to prevent the flange from rusting after contacting the water and affect the product. Beautiful.