Good Toughness And Plasticity And Good Weldability

- May 16, 2018-

Eccentric different-diameter pipe (Eccentric different-diameter pipe) is a kind of pipe fitting used for reducing the diameter of the pipe. The commonly used forming technology is shrinkage reduction, expansion expansion or shrinkage and expansion expansion, for some specifications. Reducer can also be stamping.

Eccentric reducers In addition to the use of steel pipes as raw materials to produce different diameter pipes, some types of different diameter pipes can also be produced by stamping process using steel plates. The shape of the die used for drawing is determined by referring to the inner surface of the different diameter pipe and the die size will be used. After the sheet metal stamping stretch forming.

Structural features

Eccentric reducers are made of carbon steel, which means that the method is a large head diameter multiplied by the head diameter times the thickness.

Eccentric different-diameter pipe standard: GB standard British standard and various non-standard high-pressure stamping.

The reducing process of the eccentric reducer is to put the tube blank with the same diameter as the diameter of the reducer into the forming die, and press the blank along the axial direction of the blank to move the metal along the cavity and shrink it. The size of the diameter of the radial pipe is divided into a single press forming or multiple press forming.

Eccentric different-diameter pipe is characterized by its strength is significantly higher than the same amount of carbon steel, has good toughness and plasticity and good weldability and corrosion resistance.

1, when the flow of fluid in the pipeline changes, such as increasing or decreasing, the flow rate requirements change little, all need to use reducer.

2, in the pump inlet, in order to prevent cavitation, need to use reducer.

3, with the instrument, such as flow meters, regulating valve joints, in order to fit with the meter's connector, also need to use different diameter pipe.