Made Of Malleable Cast Iron

- May 16, 2018-

A pipe joint is a connection tool between a pipe and a pipe, and is a connection point that can be disassembled between a component and a pipe. It plays an indispensable role in the pipe and it is one of the two main components of the hydraulic pipe. Pipe joints are used for straight connections such as meters, socket connections or threaded connections. It is mainly used for small-diameter low-pressure pipelines, which are used for parts that need to be frequently dismantled or used as final adjustments for the use of threaded pipe lines. The structure should adopt the metal surface contact sealing structure. The gasket sealing structure is usually used for conveying water, oil, air and other general pipelines. It is made of malleable cast iron material. In addition, the use requirements and prices are also factors considered when selecting.

There are many kinds of pipe joints, and the commonly used pipe joints can be generally divided into hard pipe joints and hose joints. According to the connection method of pipe joints and pipes, there are three types of hard pipe joints: flared, sleeved, and welded. The hose joints are mainly crimped hose joints.