Used In Home And Commercial Applications

- May 16, 2018-

 Threaded pipe is divided into externally threaded pipe and internally threaded pipe. Internally threaded pipe is also called dry steam pipe, inner rib pipe or inner fin pipe. It is mainly used on dry evaporators in central air conditioners.

Internally threaded pipe is also called dry steam pipe, inner rib pipe or inner fin pipe. In a central air conditioner, it is mainly used in dry type internally threaded evaporators. When it is heat exchanged, the outside of the tube is cooled by the evaporatively expanding refrigerant in the tube; it is also used in domestic and commercial air conditioning heat exchangers or in high temperatures. Heat pipe. The inner surface area per unit length of the internally threaded tube is 1.5-2 times that of the conventional smooth copper tube, and its heat transfer coefficient is 1.5-2.4 times that of the smooth copper tube of the same specification. The flow resistance of the carrier is only increased by 3-5%, which can save energy by 20-35%, and the weight of the whole refrigeration air conditioner is reduced by 10-25%.

The specific production process includes: Automatic feeding, feeding, clamping, thread processing, and material return. The entire system can realize unattended automatic processing, as long as the input needs to process the root number, product parameters, system parameters can be on the touch screen interface. Product parameters include the main motor speed, pitch, number of thread segments per stainless steel pipe and the length and starting distance of each thread. System parameters include sensor delay time, lead screw lead, servo motor acceleration and deceleration time, and thread motor reverse motion. speed. By setting the product parameters and system parameters, and simultaneously adjusting the screw cylinder to change the depth of the rotary wheel, the specifications of the processed product can be flexibly adjusted.